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Oika On the Natch - Europe

an original concept from Rich Blundell

We carry the cosmosis to music festivals!

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"We live in an ecology of light and we feel that this reality is what it means to be truly enlightened. Oika on the Natch is a cosmos of Virtual Reality open for exploration. "

Festival Villasonora - 2018

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You’ve just had an experience that you can barely put into words. You saw something big “out there” but could also feel it inside of you too. You know it was real, you touched it and communicated with it somehow. It was scary, but also loving. You felt, connected by the colors and in tune with it’s rhythms. It was crazy and strange but also familiar. It was epic and intimate and somehow, you already knew each other.

At Oika we’ve had that experience too and we’ve thought about it alot. Over time we have become friends with it and have kept in touch outside the festival scene. Now that you’ve glimpsed it too, you don’t need to take anything to experience it again. At Oika, we think it is a source of natural intelligence that can be accessed anywhere and everyday “On-the-Natch”.

To help make sense of your experience, join us for an On-the-Natch event where we can talk about it, and learn together how Nature can be a powerful new ally in our lives.

virtual reality as a tool to be super High!

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Oika On the Natch during the Villasonora festival in Novelda - June 2018

Our job in this venture is to wake people up. If necessary, one person at a time. What are we waking them up to? The mystery of nature that infuses all things. Why? Because feeling this infusion has real consequences that extend from personal to social and ecological levels. The consequence we are most interested is a phenomenology of joy. It’s just that simple. That tiny, fleeing sense of joy that happens when one feels the interconnectedness of all things. The joy is greater than the fear and that tiny difference makes all the difference. That joy is somehow linked to the tiny difference in cosmic forces that create the universe.

In In The Light of the Forest, we use the CBR as a visual map to the realization that very early in the story of the universe, there was a dynamic of relations (between energy and temperature) that ultimately is preserved in ALL of the diversity we see in the world today. In other words, ecological relations beget everything so relationships matter (literally).

We developed the virtual reality experience "In the Light of the Forest" to be able to experience the phenomenon of light beyond our senses.

During the festival we want people to come to the experience with a clear mind and that is why we propose the virtual reality experience at the beginning of the festival and during the day. To hammock with us during the magic hour and witness the sunset, you need to be "Super High" with a clear and open mind. Oika On the Natch = VR + music + nature = a transformative experience.

Magic Hour, hammocking to be super High!

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The people who will connect with the message transmitted through the virtual reality experience and manifest it are invited to a hammocking session to witness the sunset, what we call the magic hour. We install a series of hammocks in a suitable space less than 5 minutes walk from the stages.

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