Earth Stories

Oika Art Practice and environmental regeneration at the Hondo wetland in Spain

The story of the wooden hut

  • a beautiful wetland, a birds sanctuary
  • the hut as a symbol of connection with nature
  • the hut, a place for emerging connections
  • a growing network of life forms, animals, plants & humans
  • 2 birds observation towers for an expanded horizon
  • emergence of a resilient community

This is the story of a liminal forgotten place, a wooden hut at the end of the road, the junction between nature and culture, a journey for environmental and social healing. This story inspired by the Oika project created by the ecologist Rich Blundell, is an intend to regenerate the roots of the local community with the wetland through a collaborative Art practice involving memories, dreams, emotions, sensations and the creativity. As an extension in Spain of the Oika Project, the aim is to give also to the community of Oika artists the opportunity to apply for a residence at the wooden hut in 2022. This project leaded by Fred Adam is counting with the colaboration of the city of Catral and the environmental association AHSA .


PERSON - expanding the concentric rings of perception

We are droplets of water, cross weaving the concentric cirlces of thoughts and perceptions in space and time. But this exchange is not limited to humans, it extends as far as we can touch, see, smell and listen with other beings. Deep listening is a practice very useful to visualize the sonic waves like the droplets on the surface of the water. This practice reveals that we are part of an ongoing polyphony, expanding our "person" towards the sonic horizon.

PLACE - know the Earth as much as you can

Exploring every corners and dimensions of the the territory is an unending journey into the intimacy of nature at large, the sun , the clouds, the mountains, the song of the birds and the bees , the ravines, the rivers , every little rocks and marine fossils are waiting to get your attention and talk with you.

with your hammock!

PRACTICE - visiting the same locations

Knowing the intimacy of a place takes a lot of time, it's about mutual trust and appreciation, an opportunity to be welcomed by the trees, fhe insects, birds and foxes. If you spend a lot of time then you will discover the magic hour, the right moment, the sychronicity, the sacred.

PROSPER - Art Practice with the local community

A growing local community of hammockers emerged along the years. We organized several Planetary Hammocking events where each participant could introduce a secret spot of their choice. Kids from 8 to 13 years are invited every month to spend part of the day at the hut. Check the corresponding websites for more details.

Oika Arts

Earth Stories, responding to the challenges of the anthropocene from the artistic practice.

It is necessary to develop an ecological vision that encompasses our nature in nature , understanding that the degradation of the environment is an act of self-destruction because we are nature.

Earth Stories is a form of spontaneous audiovisual creation inspired by nature and connected with the Earth. It explores how we can tell stories based on our direct interaction with the intelligence of the planet.

The resulting artwork is not just a physical object or a digital file, it aspires to be a source of inspiration, an impulse for environmental regeneration.

Location based stories

a synergetic practice

Earth Stories concepts diagram