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Artists in Residence

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Oika Spain has the support of the oika.com project to cover part of the costs of a residence at the wetland. This program has two modalities, the first one is to invite artists and ecologsits during one day to discover the wetland. The other modality is facilitating the residence of Oika artists at the wetland during several days. If the production of an artwork is not mendatory, the aim is to stimulate a collaboration between the wetland and the participant and create an audiovisual or performative outcome in any format and/or an interaction with the local community.

Chari Cámara

Chari Cámara is a Spanish artist, singer and educator, specialist in gamification. She has great abilities to facilitate the exploration of nature.

October 2022

An NFT version of the artwork will be produced. It doesn't have to be the artwork itself but it can be the creative process or a derivative of the creation. The NFT will be showcased at the NFT Oika Spain gallery on Tezos Blockchain.


Environmental regeneration from the Art practice
This project leaded by Fred Adam is counting with the colaboration of the oika.com american project, the city of Catral and the environmental association AHSA .