connecting the artwork with a biomarker

Readymade by Nature
Cabinet de Curiosités

Readymade by Nature is a project of contemporary Cabinet de Curiosités made of natural elements expanded into artworks. Every element is connected to a physical location on Earth, triggering the value of the corresponding artwork.

keywords: identity,location,network,ecology,nature,art,regeneration,ecological intelligence,oikaspain,oika

In the project Readymade by Nature, I am planning to connect the monetary value of the artworks i am creating with a biomarker like the duck marbled teal (Cerceta Pardilla) present locally at the wetland el Hondo. If the specie goes down, the value of my artwork goes down also. This proposal is a response to the new economical - ecological Oikanomics model from the Oika project. We can not live without nature, we are nature.
The marbled teal is a virtually extinct specie. A local program at the wetland el Hondo is trying to reintroduce this bird.
Part of the money collected by the selling of the artworks goes to a local organization protecting this endangered specie in Spain.

this project is supported by the oika.com in the USA


Environmental regeneration from the Art practice
This project leaded by Fred Adam is counting with the colaboration of the oika.com american project, the city of Catral and the environmental association AHSA .
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