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Animate Earth Stories

ei nft

A serie of audiovisual installations to celebrate the intelligence of Nature by showing the interconnections inside local ecosystems.

The Mountain and the Frogs

Before the creation of the audiovisual installation takes place the creation of a visual storyboarding. This graphic represents the different nodes of projection, the time and synchronicity happening in the chosen ecosystem. From this process of drawing the interaction between living and non living organisms at the scale of the mountains, the wetland and the sea shore, emerge a visual entity remembering the cabalistic drawings from ancient times.

ei nft

Magic Storyboarding

The Animals from the Night

Night falls in the El Hondo wetland, the animals of the night come out to the moon. Call them with the sound of the Tibetan bowl!

Black Bird

This video is an overview of the Black Bird installation from June 2024. It is an Animate Earth story reflecting the E.I Ecological intelligence of Nature. Black birds are great masters to teach us how to behave in a friendly way outdoors. Every step we take are carefully measured by these clever animals.

Cerceta Extinction Rewind


A simple but very rare feather from a virtually extinct bird the marbled duck (cerceta pardilla) is the support for a video instalaltion where we can see these birds at the wetland El Hondo in Spain. The video projection is altered by the shotguns, seriously compromising the preservation of this specie. The number of shots is a real extract from 30 minutes of audio recording during the hunting season after sunset. This information is updated every years, configuring the monetary value of the artwork. If the hunting goes up, the population goes down and also the value of the artwork.

Oropéndola Gratitude


The oriole is a very difficult bird to see around the El Hondo wetland. A couple usually come every year from mid-April and for two weeks. They eat a lot of blackberries from two centenary trees and then go further north for the summer. It is with deep gratitude that I celebrate the years in which they return to the mulberry trees and I can contemplate their beauty from the Catral Nature House. They bring me deep happiness.

la Piedra (the Stone)


A story of an encounter with a stone i visit regularly at the mountains. Stone triggering my attention, feeling an intention shaped by the geological forces but i feel something more. I try to reveal in the interactive audiovisual installation "la Piedra" a sense of appreciation for deep time, living and non living beings and matter. Every stone is unique, a planet in itself.

la Piedra
(installation 1)

A sacred space is create where the harmony between the stone and the river stream fills the room with peace. But this place can be desacralized anytime by our lack of appreciation and the blind foolishness of our civilization.

Naturalpha project

A serie of infographics with a snapshot in time of the local biodiversity embedded into the Alpha channel of the image.

E.I NFT ecological intelligence
in the Blockchain

E.I NFT ecological intelligence in the Blockchain is a serie of gif animated by ecological parameters from Nature like the preservation of the specie, behaviours, visual aspect, mobility, climate and resilience.


this project is supported by the oika.com in the USA


Environmental regeneration from the Art practice
This project leaded by Fred Adam is counting with the colaboration of the oika.com american project, the city of Catral and the environmental association AHSA .
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