Prosperity is about
taking care of every beings, the people and the land

An Art Practice
with the Land

Creating with Nature
a proposal at the Hondo wetland by Fred Adam

Oika initiated by the ecologist Rich Blundell in the US, is a Science & Arts with Nature project. Oika redifines the meaning of the greek term Oἶκος (owning the land), as belonging to the land. Oika Spain coordinated by Fred Adam, is a proposal to apply the Oika concepts and practices in Spain.

A creative journey inspired by Oika


the great teachers text in english







Earth Stories

Below a selection of my favourite personal Earth Stories i created along the years in the context of my collaboration with the scientist Rich Blundell. They reflect how i intend to reconnect with nature in a very simple a passionate way with a little bit of art, wisdom and science. Each video represents one or several concepts of the Cosmosis defined by Rich Blundell like, fractal thinking, radical affection, appreciation and gratitude. These videos (and more) are geolocated on the Earth Stories interactive map we created for the Oika project.

Oika Arts Practice

Cosmic Pond (01:18)

La Voix de la Quena (02:30)

Below the Acacia (02:06)

Seashell Horn (02:58)

Fade to White (03:12)

Become the Stone (01:24)

Celebrating Light on Earth (01:06)

My gratitude to our human network

This artistic project would not be possible without the wisdom and contribution of so much wonderful people. I map regularly the connections between people and animals i could observe and interact with on an interactive visual composition I call a NODEBOOK and you can navigate. The animals at the center are the ones who captured all my attention at a certain moment of the year!

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Deep Time Video Awards 2018

Meditation Award

Deep Time Network

ACCESOS_3 magazine 2020

Featured Earth Story

Acceder al Código Fuente

this project is supported by the oika.com in the USA


Environmental regeneration from the Art practice
This project leaded by Fred Adam is counting with the colaboration of the oika.com american project, the city of Catral and the environmental association AHSA .
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